What the heck is this?

It’s a production that’s good, and good FOR you!!

“Play With Your Food!” was a crazy kid’s cooking show for 6 to 11 year olds that teaches nutrition, and healthy eating …The set is half Mad Scientist Laboratory, half kitchen and the show is full on fun!

But “PWYF” was so much more than that.   It was a social media project – Not just a television show.  This is a lifestyle brand. Kids will love the quirky educational fun and parents will love the healthy living aspects.   And with a commitment to kids, families, and ultimately to the global community, we thought it going to be BIG… Sesame Street big.

Unfortunately that didn’t pan out like we expected.

Now we’re reserving the space so that we can hopefully get things off the ground again some day.

The Website:

This project is all about Content You Interact With!

The website will feel just like some of the most popular kid sites do, and will be full of games, Do-It-Yourself projects, Recipes, Songs & Videos, Blogs, Expert Advice and Products for purchase.  And all content on the site is available in English and Spanish.

The Show: This half hour show is Bill Nye the Science Guy Meets Alton Brown & Martha Stewart…And the result is high energy hijinks and healthy habits!

Social Media: We’ll launch a carefully targeted campaign with clever viral videos and blog and banner ads that cement our brand and drive traffic to our site and show. It’s word of mouth meets social networking and the result will be more interaction with our content. 

Partnerships:  We’re going to partner with educational leaders, medical experts and businesses to establish “Play With Your Food!” as a trustworthy brand and to maximize the impact of that. Doctors from the nutrition program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have already weighed in with advice and Dr. Jerome Singer of Yale University, an authority on children’s television is consulting on the project.  Business partners would ideally include companies like Kraft Foods.

Education:  Parents are going to love the fact that we’re a source for expert advice and the latest research info. The show will retain both a nutritional consultant and a chef to provide help with recipes and detailed nutritional information about them. And the website enables parents to access that valuable info at any time.

Products and Services: These are the tools you need to change your family’s habits and add fun to your life! Products include branded kitchen items, interactive cookbooks, and family-friendly cooking schools and restaurants.  Quirky, super smart, and cool!

Charity: “Play With Your Food” will make money and make a difference.  A percentage of profits from the show and related merchandising will support children’s food related charities worldwide.  And this gives people another reason to feel good about our brand.

Group Sounds is an organization based in Williamsburg, New York, and our project is sponsored by Common.

Jeff Palmer

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